7 Best Apps To Connect Your Computer To Android Devices

7 Best Apps to Connect Your Computer to Android Devices: We use Smartphone and Desktop many time a day, for multiple reasons. Many times we have to type and send an important email, so we use PC, sometimes we have to play Clash of Clans, so we start using a smartphone. I was doing the same, switching between smartphone and Desktop to do different things. 7 Apps To Connect Your Computer To Android Devices

After I had found that this is very inconvenient to switch between smartphone and Desktop for merely doing the little different task, I chose to use Desktop to control most of the stuff on my Smartphone. There are apps for Android and Softwares for PC, and that’ll help you to connect the PC to your smartphone and then control the smartphone from PC. Here are some of the best Apps to connect the PC to your Android smartphone.

Apps to Connect Computer to Android Devices


AirDroid is the Android app, which helps you to connect the smartphone to your PC. With this app, you can connect your smartphone to the PC. After connecting it to the PC, you can View Photos, videos, Messages, Take screenshots and transfer files from your smartphone. The App lets you access the smartphone data via the web interface, once connected.


The AirStream is an interesting app to stream all the files located on your Desktop. With this app, you can check, Run and stream the files stored on your PC on the smartphone. To start using AirStream, you have to run an Executable Program from the App and then start connecting from your Android Smartphone. There is no transfer and streaming limits for this app.

Desktop Notifications:

It is irriatating to unlock your smartphone to read the notifications received every time it rings. It distracts your mind while doing important work on PC. But with “Desktop Notifications” app, you can receive the notifications of the smartphone on your desktop. Also, you can reply to those notifications on your Android device directly from Desktop.


The PushBullet is most popular app nowadays. With this app, you can push files into the PC or other Android smartphones. The app initially launched to mirror the smartphone notifications on PC and Desktop Notifications on Smartphone. But, with PushBullet app, you can Push the files stored in your smartphone or Desktop in friend’s device.

Message Beam:

Have you ever faced the problem of copying the Exact URL you found on Desktop to a smartphone? I faced. My solution to that problem was to save the URL in Gmail Draft and then open it from smartphone to copy and access that URL. But fortunately, I have Message Beam App and Browser Extension. With this extension, users can send URL’s directly to the smartphone which is connected to the PC.

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Mighty Text:

The Mighty Text helps you to type Long Messages on your smartphone. But How? Well, with the Mighty Text app, you can connect your Desktop to smartphone and then Access the smartphone from a browser based UI. The URL of Browser Based UI for controlling your smartphone will provide in the App. After connecting, you can type extended message replies from your PC and receive the notifications on PC too.


The Mobizen is incredible Android app, which helps you to connect your Android device to the computer. This app connects to the computer and lets you control the smartphone from PC. After connecting to PC, you can Transfer files, Backup and Restore the data, Screen capture, Reply to the messages and video recording of Smartphone.


The Wireless File transfer apps to move files from smartphone to Desktop and vice versa are not just file transfer apps. They can connect to your PC and work on the Remote control for the PC and PC can be the remote control for smartphones. This Two-Way Remote control method will save your lots of time while doing the work. All I can say that these are the best apps to connect Android smartphone to the computer.

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