What are Windows logs CBS?

Windows Logs CBS: Let’s begin by resolving the issue: What are Windows CBS logs?

This CBS.log file features more information from the Windows install updates. The following file is needed to log information connected to your latest update and can provide for troubleshooting connected install problems. windows logs cbsCan I Remove cbs.log file?

This Windows 10 CBS log might be easily removed, if you will have to stop Windows update services.

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Removing CBS Logs using Settings Hunter

Settings hunter is often a software that enables you to delete CBS logs having one click, but not just, it enables in addition, you to visit the settings you need with no putting things off searching for this setting from start menu.

Settings Hunter windows logs cbs cleanupClick on to start your Settings Hunter windows 10 cbs log locationClick on Remove CBS Logs

What is the CBS Logs location?

Your Windows Logs CBS folder can be located from the: C:\Windows\Logs\CBS

It is possible to right click and open on txt file to see information.

Your file is protected to see and it is only a specific file from a latest updates with Windows 10

You can find generally pointless to remove the file or it can be safe to exit in your drive.

But if, you get that the drive is greatly fragmented following a latest update, many times the file has large size and requires excessive room in your drive. This can require a removing your file.

What are steps related to removing CBS Windows logs?

To help remove the CBS Windows Log, you can first have to temporarily stop Windows Module Installer. If this type of Windows Module Installer is just not stopped through remove, you will get an ‘in use’ error that stops removal.

Removing CBS logs manually

Step 1: Press Windows key +r to open Run

Step 2: run services.msc services.mscPress OK or enter to view your local Services list.

Step 3: Press Windows Modules Installer, choose Stop. Press OK. cbs logs corrupt windows 10Step 4: On File Explorer, search/enter C:\Windows\Logs\CBS. (If working with a various drive to your Windows install, access this drive instead of C: drive) cbs log file fixYou need to “unhide” system files/folders to show Logs folder.

Step 5: Double click on the CBS folder to enter windows cbs logs deleteStep 6: Move/rename or remove all files from the CBS folder or Delete the CBS.log file

Step 7: As needed, also you can Delete all “cab*” files in C:\Windows\Temp, (Windows Temp folder).

Step 8: Reboot your PC Windows.

Right after reboot, your Windows Module Installer can be running again. Otherwise, it is possible to do this again in the above list to show it back on.

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