How to Get Help in Windows 10 – Technical Help

This article will assist you on how to get help in Windows 10 for free. If you upgrade previous version of Windows OS to Windows 10 or bought a computer with pre-installed Windows 10, it may possible that you face many issues and waste a lot of time to find the solutions to all these issues. As a creator of Windows 10, Microsoft will be the best help to get rid of it. In this post we will assist you in getting help in the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

How to Get Help in Windows 10

Windows 10 help

How to get Help in Windows 10

Method 1: Press F1

Windows 7 used to show “Windows Help and Support” popup window for function key F1 or you could download Windows Help Program WinHlp32.exe for Windows 8.1.But for Windows 10, Microsoft has chosen to move a major part of Windows 10 Help on the web in an effort to keep it up to date.

So if you press function key F1 in Windows 10, the local help may not be available. Your default browser will simply open a Bing search that displays a few ways to get help. Press F1 to get help in Windows 10

Method 2: Ask Cortana

Cortana is one of the exciting features, Microsoft has added in Windows 10. Cortana is basically an app with which you can use your voice to make a call, send a text message, search the web, or schedule a meeting. In Windows 10, you can use it for finding help for basic issues.

Just tell Cortana to listen by clicking the microphone icon and ask your question verbally. You will definitely get answers to a lot of basic frequently asked questions related to operating Windows 10 built into the software’s knowledge base.

But due to certain limit of Cortana knowledgebase you may not get help for advance level issues. But surely it will helpful for new users for Windows 10. ask cortana for help in windows 10

Method 3: Chat with Support

Chat based Support is most popular way of support system opted by many companies Today. It is basically more helpful for users which don’t like to call company’s telephone helplines.

Use the Search Bar to locate the Contact Support app that is pre-installed with Windows 10. If you have removed it, you can find it on the Windows Store.

After opening the open, select the option which is more suitable to your issue. Once you got the appropriate topic, you will get option to chat online with a Microsoft Answer Tech. More you describe the issue, you’ll get faster resolution for it.

Even you can visit and get the support for the purchase option.

Method 4: Official Help Page & Forum For Window 10

Microsoft has dedicated webpage to get answers to your questions about using Windows 10 on PCs.

Even if you didn’t find solution for your problem then you may directly ask your question in Forum dedicated for Windows 10 OS. Few questions are already answered and readily available in the Forum. So just your query before your question before asking new question in Forum.

Method 5: Arrange a Call-Back

Many users prefer to speak to someone instead of use text based messaging beside that they don’t wanted to get trapped in automated telephone system. Microsoft offers a call back option for such users.

For this, open the Contact Support app and try and find the topic that suits your problem. You’ll be given the option to request a call as soon as a support agent is available. Contact support in Windows 10

Method 6: Get expert one-on-one support for your software issues

With this option, you’ll get one-on-one chat or call direct support for any problems of Windows 10. They provide all the hardware and software and right to solve their problems Windows 10.

Click here to get one-on-one chat or call support

This is the best way to get resolve you problem quickly. This is premium service, and you have to accordingly.

Common Problems in Windows 10

The common problems facing by new users in Windows 10

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So all methods have listed for how to get help in Windows 10. Thanks for reading post. Please feel free to comment below and any suggestions, opinions are most welcome.

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