Ringtone Maker For Windows Phone

In this article we are going to share an awesome app Ringtone Maker for Windows Phone. With the help of Ringtone Maker, you can create ringtones and notification alerts from the music loaded on your Windows mobile phone. As you know changing ringtone to your favourite music or song in Windows mobile is not as easy as in android phone. Here Ringtone Maker for Windows Phone will help you a lot to make it easy. Let’s see how Ringtone Maker works. Ringtone Maker For Windows Phone

Ringtone Maker for Windows Phone

It is obvious, you may get bored with pre-installed polyphonic ringtones in your Windows mobile and wanted to have your favourite song or music as a ringtone. So you can listen your favourite music whenever you get a call or message. Windows Ringtone maker is one of the best ringtone app for windows phone. It will help you to crop any part of the any song available in your phone’s music library, so you can set it as ringtone.

1) If you do not have pre-installed Ringtone maker on your Windows mobile then just go to Windows Phone Store and download Ringtone Maker.
2) Now open ‘Ringtone Maker’ app from the menu.
3) The app will get started and show you the Welcome screen.  Ringtone maker Welcome screen

4) Click on “Pick a song”
5) It will lead to your songs playlist/library. From there you can select any of your favourite song. Ringtone maker crop song6) Now crop the song the way you want it to sound as a ringtone. Move the handles to adjust the length of ringtone. ringtone maker play and save

7) Click the play button at the bottom to preview your ringtone.
8) If you are satisfied the output, tap the save button.
9) While saving it will give you option “Make this my ringtone”. Select it to make it as your ringtone.

That’s it! By following few simple steps, you have successfully created a ringtone for your Windows mobile using Ringtone App for Windows Phone. If you have any query or suggestion, please tell us via the comments section below and we will get back to you soon.

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